Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Alright everyone: here we are in the middle of August--and yes for those of us who take our vintage and vintage-inspired Christmases seriously, it's time to start getting inspired--and to plan for this year's displays! It's also time to make those repairs!

Here are some links to get you started and inspired: THE GOLDEN GLOW OF CHRISTMAS organization has a number of great videos online from past conventions; click on the link for a potpourri of vintage Christmas, putz houses, holiday advertising and more:

Golden Glow Convention 2011 - putz house extravaganza
Golden Glow Pop-up Christmas display 2011
Golden Glow Room Hopping, 2011

Angela G's outstanding collection of vintage Christmas lights:

Antoinette Stockenberg's amazing putz mantles throughout the years

Stay tuned for more; click on the photo to see Howard Lamey's custom version of Notre Dame--for more of Howard's work, visit; windmill and ship jewel-boxes from Croton's own Trinkets Jewelry -

Need templates or patterns to create your own putz houses--go here for the motherlode

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