Thursday, August 8, 2013


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JOEL GINGOLD LETTER TO GAZETTE 8/4/13 ON THE GOUVEIA PROPERTY DEAL; please make the time to read his cogent analysis.

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August 4, 2013 - To the Editor,

Reason No. 493 Not to Acquire the Gouveia Property.

Proponents of the ill-advised acquisition of the Gouveia property (this group seems to be limited to members of the Village Board) have cited the benefits of the addition of a mostly wooded property with river views on the north end of the Village.  Guess what?  We’ve already got one!

About a mile north of the Gouveia tract is the Saw Mill River Audubon (SMRA) Society’s little-used Graff Sanctuary.  Graff is about twice the size of the Gouveia property, is fully wooded and contains a network of wide, well maintained trails.  One of these trails offers views of the Hudson.  It is open to the public without charge.

The Sanctuary, with access points on Briggs Lane and Furnace Dock Road, contains a variety of habitats including old growth forest and deep ravines and a varied topography.  It is perfect for a quiet walk in the woods on a nice summer day, which is exactly what I did last Sunday afternoon.  My dog enjoyed it too.

And right across the street from the Gouveia property is SMRA’s Brinton Brook Sanctuary, 150 acres of woodland, lakes, etc. containing an additional three miles of trails.

The best part, thanks to SMRA, is that these Sanctuaries are available to all Croton residents, and others, without the investment of a single dollar of Village funds or the loss of any desperately needed tax revenue.

So in light of all this, what is to be gained by pursuing the Gouveia negotiations?  We already have a great deal of land on or near the Hudson and Croton Rivers that is either owned by the Village or available to Village residents at little or no cost.  

Concluding this project will result in the loss of substantial tax revenue for the Village and the School District as well as undefined, very likely substantial, capital and operating costs for development and maintenance of the property.

With an impending battle with the Feds over our supposedly restrictive zoning provisions and a myriad of other costly capital projects, we need to end any further consideration of the Gouveia acquisition NOW!

Sincerely, Joel E. Gingold


  1. Thank you Mr. G. I fear though with the atmosphere of hopelessness here not to mention the fear of anyone running, that this like so much else is a done deal. We're counting the days. We're not alone, till we can move. It's not a village. It's a feifdom. We're the serfs to be fleeced while the elite rule and wink wink with friends. Taxes are for the little guys. Linda

  2. What's the point of going to meetings any more? They don't listen to anybody not even Democrats unless of course you want a community garden or more affordable housing. We're getting out as soon as the kids graduate h.s.