Saturday, August 31, 2013


As you know, the HUD housing monitor has stated that Croton (and Ossining too) are among 7 communities that engage in exclusionary/restrictive zoning. 

Among the criteria considered to be examples of exclusionary/restrictive zoning are items such as height restrictions, special permits, lot size, restrictions on the number of bedrooms, multi-family housing that is not "as of right" etc.

According to documents obtained from the village pursuant to FOIA, the village met with the HUD monitor/staff on 8/20; an email from the village manager dated 8/26/13 to the monitor's firm indicates that the following individuals were present at the meeting (click on the scan below). In a nutshell, the emails obtained through foia indicate that the village wanted to explain to/show the monitor that Croton has built affordable housing through the Croton Housing Network -- (presumably as evidence that it does not engage in exclusionary/restrictive zoning); also to correct any "errors" in the monitor's assessment.

Most of the other emails obtained pursuant to FOIA, some from the mayor, are highly repetitious and are largely about setting up the meeting.  However, they raise additional questions and the need for additional foil requests in order for us all to be better informed. Although minutes of any meetings were also foiled, none were received.

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