Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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Those very expensive bike racks have been installed in the Upper Village--and from what we're hearing, the problems are only just beginning--with potential issues for parked cars and pedestrians--given the very narrow sidewalks in the area--and/or the already stressed parking situation. Let it suffice to say that the village has already heard from property owners and businesses--and they're not waxing poetic about sustainability.

Photo #1 to the right shows one of the racks. Photo #2 below is the spec sheet used by the village in the purchase; note how the bikes are supposed to be parked in the rack--which is meant to accommodate two bikes. Now imagine trying to get past this with a stroller...or packages in your arms..or even walking two abreast--in some of the narrow sidewalk locations these racks have been installed. Imagine shoveling snow--or snow piled up by the DPW...or walking into one, that's already happened...the list goes on and on...

Photo #3 is how a bike IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PARKED in the rack--yet there it is, parked by an enthusiastic bike-riding official who should have known better...

In either direction--and either way--these bike racks promise to make getting around in the Upper Village--let alone shopping, parking, walking, or patronizing the local eateries--that much more difficult. Expect to hear about requests for removal.

Stay tuned for more. Click on the photos. You may also have an interest in the latest price tag for the Croton Point Avenue Project/Bike Lane:



  1. I'd laugh if we just hadn't spent about ten grand. Linda

  2. Gee I wish they had given me the ten grand instead. I would have put it to better use.

  3. This is unfrigging believable. What a moronic idea. What IS this obsession with bicycles? Look how much this is costing us. I hope the press covers this debacle.

  4. Again this shows how out of control this village board is with spending our money.

  5. I spoke with two of the property owners. One wants in writing assurances from the village that if someone gets hurt or sustains damage to their car or whatever, they will not be sued. The other wants it removed immediately. In that case if a bike was to be parked "correctly" in the rack like in the spec papers, there would be less than four feet or so between the wheel of the bike and the front of the building for people to walk by! How ridiculous and sad is all this. Worse you and I got to pay for it. Have you also seen that the price tag for Croton Pt. Avenue has gone up too! Insanity.

  6. Thanks for the update. At least some of the more awful placed racks are going to be removed now. More wasted village resources. These people have NO shame.

  7. This has been unfortunate and not a well thought out project. These racks are very easy to walk into especially in the cross walk of Grand and Old Post Road. For once my hat is off to Abe for his timely responds to examine the situation. He gave us his time took notes and we discussed some better locations of bike racks and the removal of dumpsters. We are going to see if these plans can be implemented with the help of Marco.

    1. Don't hold your breath. These people would rather die than admit they did anything wrong.

  8. Ms G on a bike lmaoooooo god knows I could use a laugh after trying to get into my home at Half Moon Bay took half an hour.. WTH are we here? i thought the DUMP was gone I see we are STILL being dumped upon!