Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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As you know, Croton is one of seven communities found to have "exclusionary zoning" by the monitor/HUD; it is part of the Spano-brokered "affordable housing" settlement. 

In a JOURNAL NEWS article dated 8/13/13, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is giving Westchester County one last chance to follow its directions in analyzing zoning in municipalities covered by a 2009 fair housing settlement or lose $7.4 million in community development grants from 2011. By Thursday, the county must agree to adopt a recently completed analysis by the monitor overseeing the settlement that found zoning in seven towns and villages keeps out low-income individuals and families in violation of state law. In addition, the county must do an analysis of race-based impediments in one town to HUD’s satisfaction and agree to complete 30 others by Oct. 15. In a letter from Aug. 9, HUD spoon feeds the county language that up til now county officials have refused to put in their analyses, including that certain zoning rules may exclude potential residents based on race, national origin or family status. READ MORE HERE 

See below to read the August 9th letter referenced above; click on the scans. While Croton is not specifically named, the 7 communities accused of engaging in "exclusionary zoning" are generally referenced, as are "new" communities. The government also lays out the mechanisms that the county must use under the Spano-brokered affordable housing settlement, to bring the communities with "exclusionary zoning" into line. Also re-iterated are the items that are considered "exclusionary zoning" or "restrictive practices".  OTHER IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES


  1. Not to worry. I'm sure Croton will find a way out of its self inflicted problems.

    But it probably won't come cheap.

  2. I do not share your sense of confidence only awe at the stupidity of the people who brought us this mess.

  3. I am just blown away by this letter.

  4. Scary, intrusive, flawed, dangerous. You get the government you deserve.

  5. This posting is now closed to comments. Will post what happens next in a separate thread.