Friday, August 9, 2013


An official informed a resident today that at no time has any board member ever suggested that the Gouveia site could be used for events, thus eliminating the costs for parking, bathrooms, etc. Your attention is called to the Gazette, CROTON CONTINUES TO EXPLORE GOUVEIA ACQUISITION, highlights 10/27-11/2/11: 

--Schmidt had many concerns: federal requirements for handicapped accessibility, property repairs detailed in the environmental reports, how much the village might make in projected revenue from renting the site out for events (the mayor has stated possible site for “weddings”).  Should these denials continue, a pdf of the entire article will be placed online.  

In the meantime, the following letter from Jim Moore is in this week's edition of THE GAZETTE 8/8 THRU 8/14/13 

To the editor, 

Past experience tells me that a large portion of Crotonites don't get involved unless it is a dramatic event. I believe as well as Dan and Winn Chesnard that our village board will vote to take over the Gouveia property unless the people in Croton speak up.

Everyone except the village board and the few of their followers knows that this is a bad deal for Croton, a total losing proposition. The board will not bring it to a referendum but just quietly make it part of the village at the taxpayer's expense. Please speak up and let the mayor and board know that this is not a good idea.

James R. Moore   

You may also have an interest in Joel's Gingold's most recent (8/4/13) letter and additional Gouveia property deal links here:

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  1. Look everybody if Jim can take the time at his age to write a letter or email the board or go to the meeting, there's no excuse for not doing something here. Please help your neighbors who are stepping up to the plate with letters or research or getting the word out. Take five minutes to just tell the board: NO GOUVEIA PROPERTY DEAL.