Monday, August 5, 2013


Discovered these amazing vintage -- and gigantic -- model battleships at the Peekskill flea market on Sunday. In extremely rough shape, they were still a marvel to behold; the vendor said they had been built by her uncle, a WWII navy man, then unfortunately relegated to a hot attic by her aunt--where warping, paint loss, fading and even melting had occurred. A shame but still impressive. Click on the photo.

Back in stock at Silvercrow: clown, Christmas tree and moose dresdens--and a whole lot more; click on the link, then keep scrolling down the page

Rare find indeed: Photo of circa 1880's set of wooden Circus Elephant children's SKITTLES game. (ninepins) All best antique skittle games were made in France at that time, then imported to America. A game of the more wealthy, they were quite fanciful and expensive.Click on the link to see the photo, then scroll down the page to read all about it

Marvelous vintage inspired Chenille ornament designs, for all the holidays

Check out Christmas in July in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Terry's Village has loaded up their Fall and Halloween offerings; admittedly there's a lot of stuff here you won't have an interest in but every now then, something really pops

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  1. My father made these really great little wooden log cabins and my sister who inherited them, put them in the attic. The glue melted, the roofs warped, nothing was salvageable. No delicate or important stuff in the attic!