Friday, August 30, 2013


--Howard Lamey of finished another custom Christmas putz house--the first we can remember with a garage (smile). 

Click on the photo.

You can see it in various stages of construction at: and a great youtube video of some of Howard's houses in a Christmas village with train display here:

--A beaut of a vintage tin Boeing 727 made in Japan

--A page full of glitter houses, and mention of BIGINDOORTRAINS.COM - CLICK ON THE LINK

--Click on the photo from 1947 featuring Miracle on 34th Street's Edmund Gwenn as Santa Claus. For his Santa role in Miracle on 34th Street, which was ranked ninth by the American Film Institute on a list of America's 100 most inspiring films, Gwenn won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Upon receiving his Oscar, he said "Now I know there is a Santa Claus!" He is the only person to win an acting Academy Award for playing the role of Santa Claus. Gwenn later reprised the Kris Kringle role on three different adaptations of Miracle on 34th Street for radio, including a 1948 performance on Lux Radio Theater.

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