Wednesday, May 29, 2019


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As many of you know, Pastor Melissa Hinnen will be leaving Asbury United Methodist to assume a new pastor position in Park Slope. There will be a farewell picnic on Sunday, June 1st. Click on the flyer for all the details.

You may also enjoy these links from Pastor Hinnen's time at Asbury.

FROM 2014: Asbury welcomes new minister; more here

FROM 2015: Photos, her installation at Asbury United Methodist Church; more here

FROM 2018: AN OUTSTANDING PHOTO ALBUM, Hinnen's Wesleyan Heritage Journey; more here 


  1. Thank you Maria. This is an exciting but sad time for me. I truly love the people here and the community vibe. Plus it is so beautiful! Looking forward to gathering by the river and spending time with many of the people who are creating beloved community in Croton on Hudson (and of course United Methodists are known for good food!). Hope to see you there!

  2. I'm not even a congregant of Asbury but I'm aware of how much Pastor Melissa has done, because she has been so involved in our whole community, Methodist or not. We wish you well and thank you for EVERYTHING. Park Slope is lucky to have you.