Monday, April 25, 2022


1) To the reader following "academia grievance issues", this is the article you are probably looking for: FAKE NEWS COMES TO ACADEMIA, HOW THREE SCHOLARS GULLED ACADEMIC JOURNALS TO PUBLISH HOAX PAPERS ON "GRIEVANCE STUDIES" amazing true story---READ MORE HERE.


2) To the reader trying to locate a vintage  "post-war cookbook" associated with "area Methodists",  this might be  what you are looking for--there are some great "old Croton" names and recipes in here:  

"CROTON-ON-HUDSON'S OWN COOK BOOK - W.S.C.S. OF ASBURY METHODIST CHURCH"--circa 1950's.  Parts 1 and 2 can be found at


3) TO THE READER LOOKING FOR A DIGITAL PRINT SERVICE CLOSER TO HOME: Robbins Pharmacy provides this service; click here--CVS and UPS do as well. 

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  1. Thanks. St. Augustine did a cookbook a few years ago. Any chance that is available anywhere?