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JOURNAL NEWS--New York wants its city, school bus fleets to go electric. How much could the plans cost?

Excerpted---read the entire article at the link below:

Heading the list is cost.

The average electric bus costs roughly 60% more than a diesel bus, MTA officials say. A Columbia University study says electric buses cost roughly $300,000 more per bus than diesel. Electric buses used during a pilot program in the White Plains schools cost $365,000 each compared to $110,000 for diesel.

The MTA has budgeted $1.1 billion in its current capital plan to buy 500 buses in the coming years. And Lieber says the MTA will be asking the federal government for $100 million toward its next phase of bus deployments.

MTA officials worry about whether there will be enough qualified manufacturers to support their overhaul. The MTA operates 10% of all buses in the U.S. and carries 14% percent of the nation’s bus passengers.

Once the buses are delivered, they will need to retrain 12,000 drivers and 3,500 mechanics.

And then there are the 28 depots in New York City that will house and charge the buses when they’re not in service. Many are over a century old and may not have ceilings high enough to charge an electric bus. They may need to be retrofitted or rebuilt. MORE AT

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