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EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite the latest attempts to "cancel" Mr. Potato Head (you can read all about it and much more here, we kid you not----the spud's no longer a stud), this blog will ALWAYS keep the MR. (OR MRS.) when it comes to referencing this toy.  If that gives you the vapors, then just move along.....because woke commentary will be incinerated on sight.....

Yes it's true...we still like "old fashioned" toys...and some have real generational "staying power"--like yo-yos and Etch-A-Sketch and....

Click on the photo for Hasbro's Mr. Potato Head and company...Are you smiling yet? Your editor is. A little backstory first.....In the 1940s, George Lerner of Brooklyn came up with the idea for a "funny face man," a character that would be made by putting pronged body and face parts into a fruit or vegetable.  Lerner received a lukewarm reception when he pitched the concept to toy companies, in part because it was less than a decade after the end of World War II, and food rationing was still a recent memory. Lerner eventually convinced a company to add plastic facial parts to cereal boxes as prizes and sold his idea to them for $5,000. READ MORE AT---IT'S NATIONAL MR. POTATO HEAD DAY.

BACK TO PHOTO NUMBER ONE ABOVE....There he is...all original--with the boxes no less!---joined by Katie the Carrot, Oscar the Orange and more--all of which were featured in a previous auction at SERIOUSTOYZ. 

Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on television (1952) and it is still being produced today. AND.... In 1995, Mr. Potato Head made his debut in Hollywood with a leading role in the Disney's Toy Story (Don Rickles provided the original voice) and was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2000. 

And just for fun. Not all Mr. Potato Head "spin-offs" have been successful...check out...DUNKIE Donut Head! (click on the photo). The rarest Mr. Potato Head Toy EVER!

Made by the Hasbro/Hassenfeld Brothers in the early 1960's, the "Dunkie Donut Head" is considered to be the rarest of the "Mr. Potato Head" Family of Toys! Another Rare Vintage Toy review by Mike Mozart and you can see it right here.

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