Wednesday, April 20, 2022


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The Croton Seniors club installed their new slate of officers at a luncheon prepared by Little Sorrento's. The new officers are Marilyn Grantner, President, Judy Vlad, V.P., Linda McChain, secretary and Rosemary VanValen and Rita Wilcox(not pictured), treasurer and asst. treasurer.  Click on the photos.

They received the oath of office from Marc Duncan, Dir. of Recreation. The outgoing officers Janet Meyer, President and Bob Anderson, V.P. received a gift of spring flowers and thanks from the members after serving extended terms of almost four years due to Covid, etc.

Marilyn Grantner, thanked the members for their support and let everyone get back the wonderful meal. The party comm. of Eileen O'Leary, Linda Pothast and Rose Kollar did a great job coordinating the event with Little Sorrento's.

The Seniors are always welcoming new members and are trying to get back to normal. Contact Joanna Straub, Sr. Dir. at 914-271-3006 for more information.

Photos and content via BOB ANDERSON, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

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