Friday, April 22, 2022


We get this question quite a bit---A reader asks: Is it true that Sly and the Family Stone were visitors to Croton in the 1970's?

Your editor's response: I don't know about the 70's; they were here, however, in 1968; read more here
Updated: the YouTube bit that was purportedly filmed in parts of Croton is no longer available.


BY SPECIAL REQUEST---a reader is looking for info on the "Empire State Diner" in Croton.  

You can read and see more about the Empire Diner here and here


TO THE READER LOOKING FOR THE "GREENSTEP" ARTICLE, THIS IS THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE: Suburb Poised to be First to Withdraw From Controversial GreenStep Program ....The suburb of Victoria would become the first Minnesota city to withdraw from the controversial GreenStep Cities program overseen by the state Pollution Control Agency under a resolution Mayor Tom Funk plans to introduce at tonight’s city council meeting.  MORE AT


A reader is trying to locate information about the Children's Theatre, which was part of The Croton Shakespeare Festival. Here are some links:

FROM 1972/73,

FROM 1968, 1970, 1971,

FROM 1971, 1974,


A reader is wondering if there is any news on the Cortlandt --"THE MOD".



TO THE READER SEEKING FURTHER INFO ON the issue outlined below, this is all we know:

Ex-UVA student can sue school after asking questions during a panel got him expelled: judge...A former University of Virginia medical student can proceed with a lawsuit against the school over his expulsion — which stemmed from questions he asked about the nuance of microaggressions during a panel discussion that led to him being branded a threat, a federal judge has ruled.  Kieran Bhattacharya sued the prestigious state university for violating his First Amendment rights and a judge denied the school’s attempt to have it tossed last week, court records show. (YOUR EDITOR'S NOTE: WAIT TILL YOU READ THE COURT PAPERS)--READ THIS AMAZING STORY AT

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