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Welcome to Everything Croton, a collection of all things Croton--our history, our homes, our issues, our businesses, our schools, our houses of worship--in short, EVERYTHING CROTON.

INTRODUCING THE CROTON PHOTOGRAPHER, A NEW SERIES HERE AT EVERYTHING CROTON...we'll keep it light and simple.,,(when possible)...featuring old and new technology, local--and not so local photographers---past, present and and on the photos and's the second installment...

FIRST UP, a fab 1962 fashion time capsule of three women in Easter bonnets by Croton's Yale Joel, one of Croton's most notable residents.

For those who don't know: Yale Joel began his career as a professional photographer when he was 19 years old, he served as a combat photographer during World War II, and several years later became a member of the famous LIFE magazine photography staff.  SEE A FABULOUS YALE JOEL FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM COURTESY OF KRISTINE--149 images---by clicking here.


FROM THE EARLY DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY--a fantastic Flickr photo album of AMBROTYPES courtesy of Curt J:

Among the most beautiful of early photographs. These images on glass, are a part of the transition from daguerreotype to the more durable tintype. Ambrotypes were nearly always cased, due to the fragile nature of glass. They date from the early 1850's to the latter part of the Civil War.  SEE 94 WONDERFUL IMAGES HERE. 


FOR THOSE WHO COLLECT THE PHOTOGRAPHY WORK OF G.B. POLETTO...a wonderful post from our friends at European Film Star Postcards.

Poletto (1915-1988) was one of the most prolific set photographers that worked in the Italian cinema of the 1950s and 1960s. In 1950, Titanus, one of the major studios, offered him an exclusive contract, which committed him to be the still photographer for all the films produced by the studio. Poletto worked with such famous directors as Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini, and Luchino Visconti, but he also photographed many genre films, including the classic romantic comedies Pane, amore e fantasia/Bread, Love and Dreams (1953) with Gina Lollobrigida, and Poveri ma belli/Poor But Beautiful (Dino Risi, 1957), starring Marisa Allasio. His photos were used for countless European film star postcards. SEE MORE AT


AND IN MEMORIAM FROM THE FALL OF 2020, friend, neighbor, photographer.... Elinor H. Stecker-Orel

February 6, 1928September 28, 2020....An early explorer using Super8 film as a professional medium, she made films for the Jewish Braille Institute, the AARL and United Cerebral Palsy.....Elinor authored eight how-to books on photography and digital imaging. She wrote hundreds of articles for various publications, including such notable ones as The New York Times, Time, National Geographic Traveler and the Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders. She received the moniker “Special Effects Diva” when she wrote about creative photography for the Adorama website. Articles about Elinor and her photography have appeared in American Cinematographer, Bound & Lettered, Color, Rangefinder and other magazines. She also stood before the camera as a guest photography authority on CNN, Fox and local cable TV.  READ THE COMPLETE OBITUARY AT




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