Wednesday, July 28, 2021


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FROM THE CROTON FD FB PAGE:   A fast but pretty powerful weather front pushed it’s way into Croton around 7pm tonight, sending our five Companies to seven incidents in less than an hour. 
- A large tree fell on the 200-Block of Grand Street, bringing down high voltage lines.
- A tree branch fell bringing down secondary wires by Sunset Park
- A boat was taking on water and needed assistance near Croton Point.
- A small electrical fire occurred in a home on Grand Street.
- A tree limb fell on Maple Street and was cleared by CFD.
- A number of branches fell in Benedict Boulevard and were cleared by the CFD.
- A Carbon Monoxide alarm was activated in a home on Grand Street. 
Cars 2081, 2082 & 2083, Engines 118, 119 & 120, Tower Ladder 44, Tanker 10, Rescue 18, Utilities 14 & 208 and Marine 12 handled these incidents with nearly two dozen of our volunteers. 
As a reminder to our followers, if you see wires down - DON’T GO NEAR THEM. Let Con Edison, the Fire Department or other professionals handle these potentially dangerous situations.  Our thanks to @ossiningems, @ossiningpolice, Ossining FD, @crotonpba and @wcpdny for their assistance handling these emergencies.

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