Monday, October 7, 2019


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Your editor and the Elves were out and about this weekend----the Hudson Valley is beautiful this time of year----when we caught the gorgeous fall colors and autumn decorating at Our Saviour Evangelical Church--click on the photo.

So we decided to check in on what's happening--here's some news:

--Our Saviour throws one of the best CHRISTMAS FAIRS every year; fab vendors, super White Elephant items, and outstanding baked's tentatively set for December 7th and we'll keep you posted when more info is available. P.S. The "Christian Crafters" group also makes some outstanding knitted and crochet items too and have been very busy preparing for the fair in recent months. See photos from past OS Christas Fairs below:

From the 2011 fair: click here
From 2012: click here
From 2015: click here
From 2016: click here

--Our Saviour's "new pastor", formally installed in late October 2018, is Justin Johnson. He's settled in nicely and has introduced weekly sermon podcasts. You can catch them here.

--For more of what's happening from bible study to congregational meetings, you can keep track of Our Saviour's Monthly Newsletters at

You may also enjoy these blasts from OUR SAVIOUR PAST:

-Select Scans from the 1939 Church Dedication Booklet

-1955 World Action Sunday at Our Saviour

-1958, Our Saviour Receives New Bible

-1938, 1956, and 1974 CONFIRMATIONS at Our Saviour


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  1. We just noticed how nice it looked the other day. The red doors really popped in the sunlight. So many happy memories of the Rev. Gotwald.