Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Welcome to Everything Croton, a collection of all things Croton--our history, our homes, our issues, our businesses, our schools, our houses of worship--in short, EVERYTHING CROTON.

With the annual summer swimming and picnic madness on the Croton River over, life is slowing returning to normal---although local kayakers continue to remove contractor sized bags of garbage, abandoned coolers, and sometimes even small charcoal grills from the shoreline. Still, things are quiet enough where certain birds have become less secretive again---from Egrets (click on the photo) to the Great Blue Heron (click here). Migration has started too---from hawks to Monarchs.....

Here's some seasonal "loose ends'':

--Assorted freedom of information requests have been filed for various items with multiple agencies regarding this year's unfortunate events. When and if there are responses, they'll be posted.

--The giant flashing CLOSED sign at Quaker Bridge Road was removed about ten days ago.

--The 9/15 NYDEP reservoir clean up day comprised efforts at six water supply reservoirs, including Ashokan and Pepacton reservoirs in the Catskills, and at Muscoot, Kensico, Lake Gleneida, and New Croton reservoirs in the Hudson Valley. Volunteers also led a cleanup along the East Branch Croton River in Croton Falls. In total, volunteers collected 279 bags of debris and recyclables.....

--On 9/23, there was a village work session regarding renewal of the kayak rental contract at Echo Canoe Launch; you can read the summary here

--Amost forgot: On 9/21 The Grandstand hosted Dos Belos and "A Concert for the Croton River"; check out their fb page for videos and more about the event.

Stay tuned for more in the months ahead as we transition to less chaotic days on the Croton River.


  1. I heard that local businesses are being pressured to "educate" customers on the river? Could this possibly be true?

    1. Pressured by who? Cannot help without details, a link,etc. Sorry.