Sunday, July 28, 2019


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One of the elves reminds us that it is always important to review the "Public Notices" section of The Gazette. These six notices are from the 7/25/19 edition of the paper. To see all public notices in greater detail, pick up a copy of The Gazette, on sale just about everywhere:

Public Notices; again, there are SIX for Croton, including:

Approval of an additional $204K to pay for PART of the demolition of the existing DPW garage

$255K for serial bonds for an above-ground refueling station for municipal trucks

$892K serial bonds toward the estimated $1,142,500 cost for reconstruction of the Croton-Harmon parking lot

$510K serial bonds for the purchase of dump trucks with spreaders (no mention how many)

$510K serial bonds for reconstruction of water mains

$795K for purchase of a firefighting vehicle

Additionally---Note as well that the Croton school board/district, whether or not it also uses BIDNET, has published its RFP for food service programs to "operate the child nutrition program"

Questions should be directed to 

Or in the case of the school district, to

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  1. Some of these would be hysterical if they weren't also so sad.