Monday, July 29, 2019


A reader is trying to find an old article on the "Westchester Shopping Center" that opened in the 70's". Assuming they mean the Westchester Mall opening in 1974, click here.

A reminder: A reader is still looking for any photos/articles, ephemera from a business that existed in the village in the late 70's, 80's---called RARE EARTH. Can you help? 

A reader writes: I am very confused by a letter in the (7/25) paper (Gazette) about the solar installation going on top of the new D.P.W. building. The company involved is ECOGY but isn't Croton Energy Group also involved?????

Response: Please direct your question to the village board/staff/Trustee Olver.  Contact info is at 

A reader asks: Do you get free or discounted stuff for promoting businesses?
Response: No.  A healthy, thriving business community benefits everyone. 

To the readers who submit the monthly manifestos on race relations, gender issues, doxing neighbors who don't vote the way you like, mandating village inclusion and diversion, overthrow of the government, and organizations that promote getting naked in the name of "climate change" protesting, you are fortunate to live in a country were there are many community sites and facebook pages for your commentary.   Feel free to take advantage of this blessing on those sites, not here.


A resident is looking for information about "Brigadoon, specifically the Croton Shakespeare Festival version in the 80's".

Your editor's response:
--1983 article with some great snaps; more here
--And another from 1983; more here
There was also a 1972 production you may have an interest in; more here

Confidential to "How to handle": Sorry. Perhaps you should take a screen shot at the offending page and consult an attorney???


  1. Gee whiz! Aren't you being close minded? Shouldn't we all get naked? On second thought maybe not. Most of us look much better with our clothes on...