Thursday, July 23, 2020


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A few years back, now-village historian Marc Cheshire turned us on to a fabulous site and post---HUDSON VALLEY DOT ORG TRADERS & RAIDERS! New York's Role in the Golden Age of Piracy!

Did you know Washington Irving had a run-in with pirates that might have inspired his work? Read about his dangerous adventure -- and his pirate stories here

And since Captain Kidd is mentioned--there's a Croton Connection at Croton Point via Money Hill--read more about that in this 1924 article from The Scarsdale Inquirer here

And click on the photo for a fabulous vintage lead pirate toy set courtesy of SeriousToyz. It sold for $114 in a previous auction.

p.s. One of our favorite vintage movie pirates:

--ERROL FLYNN, CAPTAIN BLOOD; more here and of course...

--MORE RECENTLY, JOHNNY DEPP, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, courtesy of our friends at EFSP; more here

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