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A reader was trying to locate information about "an expensive DPW study from a few years ago" but couldn't remember the details and asked for help.

Your editor: Assuming you mean the $43,000 consultant/study conducted in 2011, you might try the village website at or submit a freedom of information request if nothing is available. In the meantime, here is a 2011 Gazette letter from Ginny Calcutti that may be a good starting point:

To the Residents of Croton: $43,000 My! Oh! My!

This is what a consultant cost the residents of Croton for the DPW study conducted by Malcom Pirnie Consulting Engineers with regards to the garbage/recycling collections and other areas of concern that our DPW Superintendent had with hopes of making the DPW operate more efficiently. The final report is on the village website.

First of all, I see nothing in this study about "other areas of concern." Did I miss them? Yes, this was supposed to be part of the study. Of course, no one else is going to remember it, only me. I was the only one who remembered that the study was supposed to take place in the fall of 2010. When reference was made by our DPW Super at the Board's work session on August 22nd, that he didn't know where that came from and I tried to answer, I was shot down from talking by one of our trustees. He did, however, let others speak. Should I be offended? No, I'll keep moving on.

Listening to what was being said at this work session, I think that much more was expected from this report than what was presented. That's the feeling I got.

Attend the Board meeting on September 6th or watch it on Channel 78. A presentation is scheduled for that night on this study. That is, if it hasn't been changed. Draw your own conclusions as to whether or not this study was worth $43,000.

The Board claims they are open to suggestions for improvement. Here's one. Why not go to our employees as a group, in each department and the village office and ask them if they have suggestions as to what needs improvement, change, etc. Who better to ask but our own employees who perform their duties day after day. Have meetings, ask for suggestions, save money. Keep things in-house.

Ginny Calcutti 8/30/11


A resident seeking this Port Chester article

FOOD FOR THOUGHT----NEWS 12 ---Ossining, Port Chester seek additional funding as districts face educational cuts, teacher layoffs

Parents from Ossining and Port Chester were protesting in White Plains Saturday, calling for more state aid in their school districts. Ossining Union Free School District is one of several school districts facing cuts to educational programs and teachers layoffs, unless the governor can sign off on more state aid. Over the past decade, the Ossining school district, among many others, have seen an increase of students, plus rising poverty rates and minority populations. READ AND SEE MORE AT

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