Wednesday, June 10, 2020


From time to time, this blog receives lengthy "commentary" seeking to "re-educate" the rest of us about what we should eat, what energy sources are climate-friendly, how we should clean our yards, and so much more....often these manifestos are stunningly inaccurate, emotional, demanding, and/or misinformed.  

The latest instructions come from folks complaining that your editor places too much emphasis on processed products, as well as--gasp--meat....instead of those healthier, more climate friendly foods like tofu....

Sigh....your editor has nothing personal against tofu but for the record....sorry, the answer is still NO. Your commentary will never see the light of day here.  That being said, you have every right to choose what goes on YOUR table, not mine. But there is this just fyi......

Turns out that there are quite a few studies out there challenging your assumptions about those earth-and-climate-friendly foods--like almond milk for example. It's been claimed that these are actually damaging the planet instead, requiring over 130 pints of water to produce just one glass of "wholesome" almond milk....and putting lots of pressure on bees too....

And as for TOFU.... A new study by Dr. Graham McAuliffe has revealed tofu could be more harmful to the planet than chicken, beef and pork. Speaking at the National Farmers Union Dr. Graham McAuliffe of the Rothamsted Institute said after researching tofu, he’d concluded it potentially causes more environmental damage because of the production to make the processed protein source. He said: “But if you look at tofu, which is processed so there is more energy going into its production, when you correct for the fact that the protein in it is not as digestible compared to the meat-based products, you can see that it could actually have a higher global warming potential than any of the mono gastric animals. THERE'S SO MUCH MORE; CLICK HERE.

In short, I'll stay out of your kitchen.  If you stay out of mine.  You are also fortunate to live in a country where there are numerous opportunities to publish your thoughts.  Good luck.

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