Friday, September 20, 2019


INTERESTING BLOG POST PEEKSKILL HERALD 2.0--Challenges of retail in the downtown -- “If you build it, they will come” may apply to a Field of Dreams in Iowa but isn’t applicable to retail shops in struggling downtowns like Peekskill. 

When Peekskill was the factory town of Standard Brands, the sidewalks couldn’t hold all the shoppers who came on a Friday night. That was the era when people bought goods at brick and mortar stores.

The challenge today is to create the right combination of eclectic shops that can’t be found elsewhere along with stores that support the new residential apartments. There are impediments to a strong retail presence here involving parking and foot traffic. And, as the video produced by the city for it’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant shows, Peekskill needs help to get where it wants to be.

Editor's note--much touted businesses---have closed in some cases, in less than a year. A lack of foot traffic despite all those apartments, a lack of parking...and so much more....Read this excellent article here.  There's also a video featuring Wilder Balter, responsible for some of the area's affordable housing, etc.


  1. That bakery was a vegan and gluten-free place right?

  2. The goal should be to find and promote tenants that provide services that cannot be purchased online. For example, restaurants, bars, music venues, fitness centers, day care centers (children and dogs), bakeries, etc. are pretty much immune from the threats posed by Amazon. However, opening up clothing stores, shoe stores or hardware stores seems very 1998, especially in the suburbs.

  3. Uh, the much touted bakery closed Childcare is largely government provided in this area. One small private daycare just closed after less than seven months. The small fitness center closed years ago.