Saturday, September 21, 2019


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Yes, it happens...birds will crash into windows.  Sometimes--if you're lucky---the bird is merely stunned---and all that is needed is some rest and fluids in a sheltered spot.  (Or in your editor's case last year, the hummingbird in question was kept in a small cage overnight....)

Click on the photos from today's rescue of a male hummingbird by Croton's Bob Anderson.....

Here's the details:

"I put him up on the railing with some cover from predators.  Mixed up a fresh batch of nectar and kept checking on him every few minutes.  Gave him some nectar from an eyedropper and he perked up and was gone the next time I checked.  Hopefully headed South."

We love a happy ending!

Hummingbirds will be around for another three weeks or so---we take our feeders---and we have five---in around the second week of October...... 

And speak to Rob and Maria Armanini of FEED THE BIRDS! about what product options are out there to prevent future bird window strikes.  There are ways to mitigate many of these events.

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  1. We had this happen with a little woodpecker, put him in a box with some holes and a blanket and he was ready to go in a few hours. That was very gratifying. We got a special decal for the window from FTB.