Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Courtesy of the Croton United FB Page - "YOU'LL NEED TO TAKE ON MORE DEBT"

Last night's (Monday, March 11th) Board of Trustees meeting was an enlightening and informational work session that we believe all Croton residents should watch. However, since the meeting ran almost two and a half hours, we offer this synopsis of the highlights:

First up, PET PROJECTS. The board held a discussion concerning establishing a community composting transfer site, where one can (voluntarily) bring food scraps weekly; also, establishing regulations for solar system installations. It's not yet clear how Croton is going to handle the destruction of trees related to solar installations; the board seems to be leaning towards replacement rather than setting limitations.

Next up, GOUVEIA. Residents may have heard that the board is considering moving the recreation department offices to the house at Gouveia Park. In furtherance of that plan, a list of necessary capital improvements, with estimated costs, was reviewed. This list, if completed, would wipe out the entire remaining trust fund -- more than $700,000. An additional problem is that the improvements on the list don't include necessary renovations to the actual house, which the board wishes to open to the public. When asked about it, Manager King told the Board quite bluntly, "YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE ON MORE DEBT" to finance the substantial cost of opening the house to the general public. She told them they will have to choose where they want to spend their (our!) money first, and nothing may happen until at least 2021.

Finally, THE CROTON POINT AVENUE PROJECT. We learned last night that the village has already spent $600,000 on this project without a shovel having actually broken ground. The powers that be at the state have apparently told the village that this project needs to be done THIS YEAR, with no changes allowed. If we don't...read the rest here.


  1. To the commenter who, among other things, suggested that residents who do not approve of the village board's "pet projects" MOVE instead---say to Delaware County, NY. May I suggest that you post your comment/manifesto at the facebook page where this re-cap of the 3/11/19 work session actually appears in its entirety. Of course then you will have to sign your name.....