Friday, March 29, 2019


AS YOU KNOW, ONLY TWO BIDS CAME IN for this more about that update follows below:

--Reportedly Billotta Bros. bid $2.9 million and Monsanto Bros. bid $4.2 million.

--The bids are going to be rejected by a resolution of the Croton Board of Trustees on Monday night.

--The bids are an indication of the current status, but it is common for there to be change orders once the project starts, and the ultimate cost may be significantly higher than the initial contract award.


--Note that Croton has already spent $600,000 on CPA. Therefore the cost using the 2 bids would be in the range of $3.5 million to $4.8 million. The Board of Trustees said this could be done for a fraction of that amount, but people not connected to the village always said this project would cost $3 to $5 million (and some higher). Just as with Gouveia Park and other projects throughout the years, another vanity project of the Croton Democrats that results in more debt for village taxpayers.

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  1. boom. we have to give back the six hundred thou now?