Tuesday, March 19, 2019


As always, so much fun stuff to share--click on the photos and links...

First up from Croton's own Serioustoyz.com--the "Lost In Space Motorized Robot" #760, 1966, by Remco, 14" plastic b/o robot w/ blinking lights; arms move via handles on back; scarce black & red variation. It's followed by one of our favorite putz houses from Howard Lamey--by special request AGAIN!---and then from 1971 and Marx, an oldie but goodie, the WHISTLING SPOOKY TREE!   And finally with Easter around the corner, the annual offering of the CHICK SHACK PUTZ PATTERN generously provided by Howard Lamey! Again, click on the photos and enjoy.

And from Toys and Stuff--a fab J Chien Church bank - J. Chein & Company was a toy company founded in 1903 by Julius Chein in 1903 in a loft in New York City. Their first toys were premiums made for Cracker Jack and even through a series of ups and downs, managed to stay in businesss as a toy making company until 1979 when toy making ceased entirely.  Today, after decades of changing hands, the corporate heir to the rights is the U.S. Can Company who continues to make stamped metal products. See more here http://bit.ly/2yZkG4T

Blumchen's "old time" Panorama Sugar Easter Eggs are back; these are some of the most beautiful examples we've ever seen; click here 

A fabulous blog--ART & ARTISTS--this post is about Collier's Magazine, what illustrations! But really, the whole blog is worth checking out; click here

For those who've asked, yes, we did get to see CAROL OF THE KING, the Irish step-dancing Christmas event at the beautiful Peekskill Paramount Theater in 2018; what a great  show in a great venue; read and see photos here.

Summer putz! Lighthouse and more! Sandy Shores; more here

For the person looking for the "1950's" toy mono-rail---this might be it! CLICK HERE.

FOR FANS OF HORNBY TRAINS; some links of interest; click here

AND IN CASE YOU MISSED THE LAST EDITION OF MORE FABULOUS VINTAGE WEBSITES, FINDS, ETC. FROM EVERYTHING CROTON, GO TO https://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2019/03/more-fabulous-vintage-websites-finds_18.html

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