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When you're lucky enough to live in the Hudson Valley, even lazy, half-gray days can be marked with small but wonderful always, your editor and an Everything Croton elve set out with cameras in on the photos and links.

And so, fortified with an Everything Bagel and a "shmear" from Bagels on Hudson, we were off for Turco's in Yorktown in search of Italian Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs by Bellino....our go-to place for such things ever since LaMonica's closed some years ago....

But first we just had to stop to photograph a very willing wild male turkey in full mating strut and colors, out to impress a small flock of females on the hillside beside Van Cortlandt Manor. Additional males and hens were also inside the gated area beside Shoprite where the Blaze is held annually.

Read all about wild turkeys here.

For those who have been wondering about the status of SNOWBALL the Snow Goose--that's the official name among the local bird watchers--she/he is still here among the Canadian Geese and mallards.

As mentioned last year, Snow Geese aren't exactly common in these parts and this one is quite young but changing fast, gaining height, weight and new colors--although still much smaller than the Canadians.

Snowball is also getting quite vocal...

For more about SNOW GEESE, CLICK HERE.

We also had to stop at the Verplanck Nature Preserve where these two rather skittish male merganser ducks have been spotted in recent weeks.  The females were too far away for a photo.

Known as the Common Merganser, the males sport bright red-orange beaks that really stand out even from a  distance.  

Read more about them here.

With that we headed off to Turco's where--just as we expected--the Bellino Milk Chocolate Eggs had arrived.
p.s. They also had the giant Baci Perugina large dark chocolate eggs, the "Give Collection" of chocolate eggs from Vigneri, and mid-size Easter Bunnies from THE CHOCOLATE CHALET in Briarcliff.

All and all, not a bad way to spend a morning in the Hudson Valley.

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