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February 14, 2020

The following letter was published in this week’s issue of the Gazette.

To the Editor,



After three or more years of Sturm und Drang, our esteemed village board has made the momentous decision to, OMG, ban all signs from village property. In a split vote yet! And it consumed half of the front page of this publication last week. How much time has the board devoted to this trivial, no, silly, subject?

For the record, I actually like the signs. I think they give our village a small town, Norman Rockwell kind of atmosphere. But our betters have spoken and the signs shall be no more.

Would that the board spend an equivalent amount of time, effort, and debate on issues that really matter. On the rezoning: 68% of survey respondents, 80-90% of speakers at the three public hearings, and, I believe, over 550 signatories to a petition presented to the board, all opposed high density housing on the Katz property. Yet the board continues to pursue it without any sign of internal dissent. This is clearly not nearly as significant as the signs and far less worthy of debate.

The mayor refuses to tell us how the changes made to the original zoning plan will affect that density or to reveal the maximum number of housing units that will be permitted on Katz. “That’s a rhetorical question,” he says. Yeah! Right!

In his letter extolling the virtues of the rezoning, the mayor “appreciate(s) everyone who has taken part in this process,” but totally flouts the overwhelming sentiment against high-density housing. And his colleagues sit silently by as these proposals wend their way to certain adoption. They disagree on signs, but not on an issue that can really change the character of our village.  READ MORE--INCLUDES THE CROTON POINT AVENUE PROJECT TOO--BY CLICKING HERE.

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