Sunday, February 23, 2020


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As always, thank you to former Deputy Mayor Bob Anderson for assembling the Vince Duffy as well.....all photos provided by the Croton Seniors, all rights reserved. Click on the images below.

Our Croton Seniors celebrated Valentine's Day with another successful party, and we know they love to party! A dessert pot luck was attended by a number of members who enjoyed a very large assortment of scrumptious desserts. Some Valentine fun facts were shared and wedding anniversaries of club members that ranged from 18 months to 67 years were acknowledged. Another good time had by all!

PHOTOS 1 AND 2 ---Rose Kollar and Linda Pothast read the anniversary list--Janet Meyer and Eileen O’Leary try to decide most low calorie dessert...

and.....If you would like to receive a CROTON SENIORS membership packet, call 271-3006.

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