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Announcing ALL THINGS COOKERY, KITCHEN & TABLE #1...a new series here at the blog for all you cooking enthusiasts out there---recipes, tips, local shopping, interesting links....we'll keep it light and on the photos and links.  This post has recipes for vegetarians and vegans.

But first stop, sometimes you just need new...or quick...or "stuff".....and it's nice to know that locally you have options---like THE KITCHEN SHOP AT CROTON'S SHOPRITE.   A whole aisle of well-priced goodies from well-known manufacturers......check it out the next time you're food shopping.

Don't be fooled by the unseasonably warm winter weather---we still have to get through the rest of the month AND March!  Colder days are ahead.

And that means soup!

Tried and true---Lady Carolyn's Lebanese Vegetable Soup--vegan too.....courtesy of Moosewood......a real chill chaser.   (Your editor added a dollop of sour cream with cracked pepper when serving---but it is more than fine without it.)

And then for fans of quinoa, there's this great recipe for Quinoa Vegetable Soup with Kale---VEGAN TOO---tried and true by one of the elves----more here

MOVING ALONG......One of our favorites with meat and poultry--but also amazing all by itself on a bed of baby spring greens....any time of year.....Henrietta's Cranberry Salad.

Apples, cranberries, walnuts, oranges, celery.  (Optional---add a few teaspoons of a good port for a really grown-up taste.)

See the heirloom recipe at FAMILY CHRISTMAS ONLINE (TM) HERE

Almost forgot! Here's a recipe for CREAMY RED coconut CURRY SOUP, TRIED AND TRUE BY ONE OF THE ELVES, vegan too--and all reports are very favorable!  From ILOVEVEGAN HERE

Sometimes we just love to set a pretty table--and while your editor prefers vintage dishes and glassware, it's hard to resist artisan ceramics and dinnerware  from Portugal and Melita's Home in nearby Ossining.

Sustainable....ethically sourced....fair trade...125 Main Street, Ossining, NY 914-923-0351....See more HERE. 

And then there are the beautiful bowls of local SHERWOOD DESIGNS; making memories one bowl at a time--see more here

AND JUST A QUICK FLAVOR TIP: Pre-made seasoning packets from Goya can make any meal outstanding with little effort; see more SAZON packets here

P.S.  Your editor receives no compensation for these tips, links etc....and just likes to always, do your own due diligence.  

p.p.s. UPDATED---#2!

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  1. I was given beautiful bowls from Melita's for Christmas and we use them once a week. Because getting together at the table as a family is special and worthy of the nice things, good food, and the best glasses.