Saturday, February 8, 2020


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REPORT ON TODAY'S GAZETTE CUP--BATTLE OF THE HUDSON--"Although it was 20-20 at half and a back and forth lead the whole game, Hen Hud Boys won this year’s Gazette Cup with a basket with seconds remaining.

The Hen Hud girls also won the Gazette Cup. 

All-tourney congrats to Croton’s Grace Reyer and Braden Burke and to Hen Hud players Mylene Smith and Nick Hitsley.

Also congrats to Hen Hud’s Caitlin Weimar for reaching 1,500 career points tonight."

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  1. There should have been more Croton people attending. I am kind of shocked that sports events are not as well attended as just a few years ago. What's going on. Compared to other communities............