Monday, January 28, 2019


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Saturday & Sunday--a report from your editor and "the Elves": You've got to get up pretty early to see Hudson Valley eagles sometimes AND still find the time to finish all those annoying errands too....fortified with take-away French Toast from Franki's Grill, your editor and company headed off to Croton Point,  the Boat Launch, Georges Island, the Verplanck Waterfront, and the Travis Cove area in Peekskill.  We were not disappointed.  When there is ice on the river, there are eagles to be found.
Of course, river ice is beautiful all by itself--with strong reflective elements. 

But back to those eagles...Dedicated watchers know there are rules to be observed during Eagle Season--but not everyone does. 
If you're new to eagle watching, click on the photo to the right for a refresher course---and as always, please keep your pups leashed.  (That's for their well-being and wildlife's too.)  Your editor was pleased to see this informational posting at George's Island, one of the most popular viewing sites.

For those who want to know about George's Island and it's Croton connection, click here.

After spotting three immature eagles floating by on the ice flows, one of the locals told us that there were about a dozen in the Verplanck area and Cortlandt's Veterans Memorial Park-- also just leisurely floating by on the ice flows. Again we were not disappointed.

Your editor managed to snap this photo and was reminded to bring gloves the next time!  Wind off water can slice!

By the way, if you're looking for ticket info and more for Teatown's 2019 Eaglefest at Croton Point Park on February 9th, click here. (Snow date is February 10th).

As always, Croton's own FEED THE BIRDS will be one of the vendors.

We were also rewarded with the sighting of a male Canvasback duck, not exactly common for these parts.  He's the strand-out bird in the photo below on the right.

A large, big-headed diving duck with a gently sloping forehead and a stout neck, you can read and see more about Canvasbacks here.   He appears to have moved on when we returned again Sunday morning.

Much as we enjoy bird-watching, weekends also mean laundry, house cleaning, house repairs (minor if you're lucky!) and food shopping.

Speaking of lucky, we're fortunate to have a local hardware store still in the area--Buchanan Home Center.

And your editor highly recommends the Starfruit and Sumo Oranges from Shoprite, as well as the amazing take-away Penne Vodka from Giovanni's Italian Deli and Pastry.

And in the "get 'em while you can" department, we were pleased to see that Shoprite has once again brought in the Elmers Chocolate line of Valentine candy hearts.  This series always features nostalgic, vintage-inspired covers reminiscent of Valentine cards from the 60's and 70's--the boxes have become quite collectible--and the chocolate's pretty good too!

And back in stock at Feed the Birds, amazing American-made architecture for birds! 

Perfect for gift-giving.

By the way, one of the Everything Croton Elves stopped by to see the Tim Robinson art exhibit at the Croton Library on Saturday and highly recommends it.  The exhibit runs through February. 

ALSO FYI--SATURDAY'S HOOPS FOR HEROES EVENT at Croton Harmon High School was a huge success. Another one of the Elves said it was the most attended to date--see the photos here---and a neighbor can't stop praising the dinner she had at Fratelli's.


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  1. May I recommend Melrose Lumber in Ossining as another excellent hardware store in our area? The staff is very helpful and nice and, if you're lucky, they sometimes bring in their wonderful Labradors who are incredibly friendly.