Tuesday, July 10, 2018


If you haven't been to the Town of Cortlandt's Veterans Memorial Park on the Verplanck waterfront, make it a point to do so soon.  

Dedicated in 2012, (see the photos here) the park is not only a great location for eagle watching in the winter months, but is a great spot for osprey and cormorant watching as well---especially now.  On a recent visit, we spotted two immature eagles that have remained in the area, a pair of very active ospreys, a pileated woodpecker and numerous red-wing blackbirds.

Lake Meahagh is also within walking distance and a great spot for fishing or just relaxing. For those who don't know: Lake Meahagh was created by the Knickerbocker Ice Company during the second half of the 19th century to ship ice to New York City residents.

And if you get hungry---one of our faves--and a Verplanck "landmark" of sorts--Paradise Restaurant is nearby for your dining pleasure.

But on our most recent visit, however, we stopped at Avellino's in Montrose for lunch.

Avellino's is one of our favorite haunts during eagle season for soup and much more (read about that here). Yes, their pasta fagioli is amazing but it's really all good.

Freshly renovated, comfortable, excellent service, consistent food---add the Margarita pizza to your must-try list---and their Fettucini Alfredo too. p.s. They make an excellent espresso as well.

For more about Avellino's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, visit their FB page at www.facebook.com/avellinosmontrose/

Click on the photos and enjoy! 

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  1. They make the BEST tortellino and rice balls.