Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Desperate to keep the narrative alive, "the media" continue their downward spiral.

"No media member who refuses to retract at this juncture has any credible defense to libeling these kids."

Blowback Begins Over Covington Catholic 'Blackface' Accusation...HIGHLIGHTS ONLY...READ more at the link below:

.....But, many have since pointed out, rather than showing high schoolers in "blackface" (wearing black makeup in order to imitate in a derogatory manner an African American), the photo clearly shows students in a "blackout" event. Matt Walsh summed up the arguments succinctly in an op-ed for the Daily Wire:
Anyone with, say, a third of a functioning brain rattling around in their skulls will immediately understand the scene. The kids are all wearing black because the fans of sports teams often will come to games all in the same color. Oftentimes fans will wear black as part of a "blackout." Other times they'll white as part of a "whiteout." Or sometimes they'll wear blue or red or any other color. This is standard operating procedure in American sports, especially scholastic sports......
The blowback to the Daily News' hit-piece has begun online, including from Robert Barnes, the lawyer who has repeatedly called out journalists for libeling the Covington teens and is threatening lawsuits on their behalf against any who fail to adequately retract their false reports. READ MORE AT

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  1. It's called doubling down and I hope there are suits.