Wednesday, January 16, 2019


There once was a time when a cedar chest was part and parcel of that future wedding, to be passed down from one daughter to the next, and slowly filled with all those “wedding” things the future bride would need. Sadly this practice has all but disappeared, and so when a friend was approached by her niece to help her find a vintage “cedar chest” to mark the start of a two year engagement, we were all thrilled to see the tradition revived.  Of course only one word came to mind: LANE. 

We've been on the look-out for the perfect Lane chest since late last year.  Perseverance paid off with--remarkably--a restored chest just like the one in this 1953 ad featuring Ann Blyth!  (And which had already been "niece approved!) Click on the photo.

Found during the final weeks of the Beacon Flea Market...And now to fill it up!  Stay tuned.

For more about the Beacon Flea Market, now closed for the season, and other local markets, click hereAnd courtesy of PINTEREST, lots of cedar chest photos and ads here.

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