Friday, July 6, 2018


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The following letter was published in this week’s issue of the Gazette.

To the editor:
The growing use of plastic worldwide creates multiple problems, and plastic bags are one component of that problem. For that reason, reduction in plastic bag use is a legitimate issue of public policy. But legislation should not be necessitated by the hypocrisy of the members of our community, and that is what we have today in Croton. 

In the June 14/20 issue of The Gazette, 57 local businesses put their names on an ad in support of a law banning plastic bags in Croton. Yet many of those same businesses are continuing to use those same plastic bags. Croton businesses know what needs to be done to save our planet, they just refuse to stop using plastic bags till they are forced to do so under penalty of law.

Is it possible to be more of a hypocrite? Incredibly, the answer is “Yes.” Some of the Croton businesses who put their names in the advertisement not only continue to use plastic today, they would be exempt from the proposed law in whole or part.



  1. Let's take it a step further. Mandatory composting take out containers and utensils, rain barrels on every lawn (or fire escape), garbage pick-up restrictions forcing people to compost their own garbage. While we're at it, no more packages for food, everyone bring individual re-usable sacks so they can scoop up their cereal at the supermarket. Ooops I mean farmer's market. While we're at it, free stuff too for everyone! No more soda cups or coffee cups, bring your own compost-able or reusable cups every where you go.

    Honestly when is going to stop.

    1. I wonder if you want to add a composting toilet outside (like in a shed)if you need a permit from the village. After all,it's not a permanent situation like adding a bathroom but it would take sewage out of the system and could help families that need ore than one bathroom but cannot afford the reno. Do you know?

    2. Presuming you are serious, the village might be the least of your problems with a composting toilet. You should really direct your question to the village staff or you could check the village code online.

  2. I have to wonder how many businesses were just too busy to pay attention to what they were signing. or maybe in today's hyper political progressive Croton, how many thought it better to sign than not sign, especially since all those that did were mentioned publicly and those that didn't weren't on the list for all of the village to see.

    I do have to admit that this letter is spot-on and humorous too.

    1. I think that just might have been the case for some but certainly not all.

  3. @Dondeonz: I was told that there were 2 women soliciting signatures and that the merchants were told that there would be an advertisement with the list of names.

    Naming names may have caused some of the businesses to sign despite reservations about the provisions of the proposed law. I can understand that.

    However, it is important for at least a critical mass of people in this village to stand up to pressure.

    Croton is a homogeneous town, and that results in narrow constraints on what is acceptable thought. Even if you are completely supportive of the Croton Climate Initiative proposal, this pressure to fall into line is disturbing.

    It is tough to have courage when you have to make payroll and cut that check to the landlord. I understand that, particularly in this age of boycotting based on political viewpoint.

    But we need to remember that bullies succeed because nobody stands up to them. That was true in the age of Joe McCarthy, and it is true Croton today.

    Support the CCI proposal, or oppose it: the choice is up to you. But don't let CCI (or anybody else) make you feel you have to conform to the "acceptable" Croton viewpoint

  4. Now that guns are banned in Croton, go to the Tuesday agenda, we can finally move on to banning plastic bags. They, Shoprite, will be at the meeting to make their sales pitch after canceling the last time. To have the meeting the day after Labor Day, though, Shoprite won't have a lot of an audience. People need to go anyway no matter how tired they are.

  5. Who told you "guns are banned in Croton:? They are not banned. They will not be banned.

    Don't believe the Croton rumor mill.

    Please read the redlined version of Chapter 123 of the Village Code. That shows the existing law and the changes to the law.

    Few people in Croton bother to read anymore, and logical thought has taken a backseat to emotion and unfounded rumor. But reading the redlined section will take about 45 seconds of your time. You can manage that, I know you can!