Thursday, July 12, 2018


If you're looking for a very pleasant drive---and an opportunity to support a local farm--then check out Route 129--past the Croton Dam and the Reservoir--just beautiful--and head into Yorktown...stop at 329 Underhill Avenue where you will find...THE MEADOWS FARM....(click on the photos and enjoy).

The Meadows Farm is a Family owned and operated farm in Yorktown Heights NY. You can read more about its history here and keep track of it via FB as well here.

MEADOWS often has produce varieties seldom found elsewhere....

Currently their garlic scapes are some of the best we've seen anywhere--and when tomato season goes into full swing, look for some of the sweetest cherry-types around---and heirloom varieties like their HEART OF THE BULL.

And for the organic crowd, Meadows added 20 acres of organically grown produce in 2013. 

They also feature some of the best potted zinnias for sale we've ever seen. 

So keep it local---enjoy the very quick, very pleasant drive--and visit THE MEADOWS FARM market today.    

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