Sunday, March 15, 2020


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For our household---and indeed much of the village--life went on as it normally does this past Friday and Saturday.......yes yes, everyone was taking all sensible precautions....but we saw no evidence of the panic buying that dominated the media earlier in the week.  Indeed, Croton's Shoprite was more than adequately stocked---and working hard to keep it that way--as were the local dollar stores---with everything from toilet paper to cleaners...SHOPRITE'S PARTNERS IN CARING/FIGHTING HUNGER event also went off without a hitch on the 13th--for which the Croton Caring Committee extended its thanks.

The local nail salons were doing a brisk business, A&S Fine Foods was getting rave reviews for its Buffalo Wings, and Van Wyck Wines & Liquors celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary on Saturday.  

And it's always fun to see the fab balloon artistry of THE WESTCHESTER BALLOON COMPANY.   AGAIN, CLICK ON THE PHOTOS AND LINKS.

There was also a second day of that amazing apple crumb pie from JUNCTION JT'S FOOD MARKET.  If you haven't yet checked out this new Upper Village business with its ecelctic mix of Pan-Asian offerings---and amazing Keto, gluten-free, and other bakery tasties---check them out soon.

We're also especially fond of the Irish Soda Bread....with the chocolate chip twist.

And for the neighbor's little girl---celebrating a birthday and now into all things miniature--a gift of some tiny llamas from Save-Mor in the Croton Commons Shopping Center.  This place is often overlooked but has some amazing and well-priced gifty-gift offerings.

There was also a fab rotisserie chicken from Apple Farm that found its way into our cart, along with some stunning sunflowers for a neighbor's anniversary.

And a dozen Everything Bagels for another neighbor from BAGELS ON HUDSON, followed by Indian buffet at Raga-----the most amazing Chicken Tikka Masala and Rogan Ghosh--and a take-home order of Samosa.

We also kept a friend company while he was getting an oil change and found ourselves lusting after this fabulous Jeep Sahara with a red leather interior at Croton Auto Park.

We love Croton Auto Park---it's where we bought our car--great service department, knowledgeable staff, and owner Lou Giordano is well known in the community for his philanthropic work.  

There was also our weekly order at Giovanni's Italian American Delicatessen & Pastry---where we discovered more tasty goodness for the Easter season--from panettone to torrone.

This fab woman-owned, family-run business on Croton Point Avenue is our go-to place for corned beef, meatloaf, and deviled eggs!

And needless to say, fun went on as usual at 3rd Universe!

In between, we watched families and children playing at the Duck Pond--that pair of mallards was back----and had a very pleasant visit to Travis Cove--a nice quick jaunt any time of year. In short, life goes on more than ever.........stay tuned for more.

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  1. We had a great time at Van Wyck. The best tastings. Nicest people.