Thursday, March 26, 2020


EXCERPT.............Which brings us to Nancy Pelosi. You always can tell when the House speaker is doing something egregious because she comes over all prayerful.

This week, as America faced a full-blown economic crisis, Pelosi invoked the pope as she tried to sabotage the Senate’s emergency coronavirus bill.

The surprise alternative House Democratic bill she launched Monday night amounted to a poisonous grab bag of liberal projects: mandatory diversity for company boards, special LGBTQ provisions, pork-barreling for wind and solar, cuts to aircraft emissions, voter-registration strategies designed to help Democrats win elections, and so on, for 1,400 pages.

None of it belonged in a bill designed to bring urgent relief to suffering families and shuttered businesses.

A few hours later, perhaps sensing the mood of the nation, Pelosi dropped her bill like a hot potato, or “put aside some of our concerns for another day,” as she characterized her retreat to CNBC. , after the needless delay, The Senate finally reached agreement on its $2 trillion bill early Wednesday, before hitting a new delay.

Pelosi should be a national pariah for the stunt she pulled in our darkest hour.

She exploited the opportunity of a deadly pandemic to inject the virus of identity politics into corporate America when it was on its knees.

For example: “Any corporation that receives federal aid related to COVID–19 must maintain officials and budget dedicated to diversity and inclusion initiatives for no less than five years after disbursement of funds.” Of course, after five years the company would be wholly woke.

And even to think of demanding airlines cut greenhouse-gas emissions when there is barely a plane left in the sky is perverse to the point of psychopathy. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT

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