Monday, September 3, 2018


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Wanting to squeeze in another day of Labor Day grilling, your editor stopped in A&S Fine Foods on Sunday for the best Italian Sweet Sausage around for miles (and we love their Bolognese Sauce too)....we thought we went early enough to avoid the rush, but we were wrong and the place was packed!

For those who don't know, A&S Fine Foods moved to the Croton Commons Shopping center just a few short years ago. (Click on the photos and links).

It specializes in Italian and Mediterranean prepared foods, meats, and products.  (You can also see their catering menu here.) 

A&S also features imported products you'll seldom find elsewhere---like Le Veneziane Corn Pasta--it's gluten free...

And some of our favorite "store-bought" Italian cookies come from A&S via Ruggero's.  They also have fresh bread brought in daily from Terranova in the Bronx.

And like many of our small businesses, A&S Fine Foods supports local causes, like this year's Croton-Harmon Baseball Team.

For more about A&S Fine Foods (which also has a location in Portchester), visit their website at

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  1. thank you for the corn pasta note! we love this stuff bgut have had to get it in the city when we visit.

  2. Corn pasta's pretty good.