Wednesday, March 18, 2020


From time to time this blog receives rather lengthy manifestos on the coming apocalypse---how food must be immediately rationed---how climate change will end the world in less than seven years---how women are now living in the time of "Gilead"----how this "latest crisis is all Trump's fault"----how residents must be compelled to change their meat-eating, plastic using ways----how quarantine centers must be immediately created in the village----how traditional pronouns  must be abolished in the name of equality---how this blog has "too much church"...etc. etc. etc....

And why...oh why......are comments censored at this blog!  There must be "online conversation". 


Sorry....the answer is still no.  Please take your red cape and white bonnet....or your socialist grey jumpsuit.....somewhere else.

And consider yourself fortunate that you live in a country where you have numerous outlets for your unrestrained "conversation".  

This blog however, is not one of them.  We're too busy helping our neighbors, supporting our businesses and churches........etc. etc. etc.


  1. you can never have too much church....

  2. And stop ratting on your neighbors in online forums! How much plastic is in their recycling bin? Who is too old to be out? Who you think is sick? STOP!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you. I respect different opinions but hate having them constantly rubbed into my face like they are facts. The crazy handmaid stuff is too much.

  4. Bravo, MC! True resistance is rooted in liberty. When people surrender everything to the government, there is no liberty.

  5. Thank you all. This post is now closed to all comments.