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Starting with Flag Day on Friday the 16th--the weekend was a mix of quick showers and late spring sunshine. Thank you to everyone who acknowledged this flag flying tradition--click here for just a few of many examples----and thank you Holy Name of Mary as well. (Click on the photo in front of the parish center; the previous fraying and worn flag had been replaced in 2018 by
 Livia Maghiar Andrews and her husband Mike to honor Livia’s late father, Liviu Maghiar.) 

On another note, many thanks as well to Lenny Amecola for installing a very beautiful--and solar powered light-up pole and American flag on his property across the street from Holy Name--check it out the next time you visit the area.  Thanks to these members of the community, "Old Glory"--once again conspicuously missing from the business district poles this year--always flies in the Upper Village.

THE 16TH was also TIGER FRIDAY! And the weather was fantastic. Stay tuned for photos.

If weekends are for fun, they're also for shopping and errands...but first, it's always time to decompress at The Duck Pond and enjoy the turtles.  Your editor counted 11 in various sizes resting in the sunshine on the recently fallen willow.

And of course, the new boardwalk at The Jane E. Lytle Memorial Croton Arborertum is a fantastic place for peace and quiet.  (You may also enjoy seeing some photos from their recent Spring Walk with Ed Kanze here). Donation info is here.

With the Clearwater Festival back in Croton for the weekend after experiencing some financial issues not all that long ago, we knew there would be plenty of traffic in the area.....and so, back to the real world.....

Since SHOPRITE completed its expansion in Croton, it's been our weekly go to place for just about everything from milk to bedding plants to heirloom tomatoes to lots of fun stuff in their seasonal aisle.  Of course we couldn't leave without at least two of the TNT CONFETTI CANNONS they just brought in.

We keep our feeders up year round and in the warmer months prefer the "dough" and "seed" cakes which hold up better in the heat than standard suet cakes.  Since Feed the Birds is now on summer hours, we picked up some of those.

Despite the recent rain, there are still lots of beautiful roses to be enjoyed...especially at Holy Name of Mary. 

Plus on Saturday night, THE CROTON CHORALE put on a top notch performance at Asbury Methodist.

And with Father's Day on the 16th--and prom and graduation season right around the corner--there was lots of last minute shopping and ordering at Upper Village Blooms.

Feeling a bit warm, we had to have the new seasonal flavor at Croton Carvel--Orange Sherbert--on the way to Buchanan Hardware a.k.a. Buchanan Home Center.

And one more of course--we had to make a quick stop at the Verplanck Nature Preserve.

Back to Buchanan Hardware for a moment--we are so fortunate to have it in the area along with Melrose Lumber in Ossining (941-1888) and Ossining Hardware too.

Father's Day saw lots of activity at the local churches, many of which had special blessings for Dad's important day and later, lots of activity at our local eateries....the weather held up too...

All and all, another fab weekend in the Hudson Valley.

p.s. If you haven't been to it yet--hop on over to Apple Farm in the Van Wyck Shopping Mall--fab produce, exotica for the foodies, the best Blue Stilton around for miles, and amazing breads!

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  1. GREAT APPLE FARM! Who needs a farmers market! Prices and produce are so good!