Friday, June 21, 2019


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June 10, 2019

To the Editor,

I am confused by conflicting information I have received about the potential development of the Katz property. The results of the Village’s survey about what residents would like to see at that property were just released this past week and yet through the FOIL request of resident Rosann Schuyler, Croton United has obtained the Village Zoning Working Group’s February 21, 2019 review of detailed plans and schematics for the housing development of that property. It is possible that the plans were created by the previous owners of that property but how is it possible that the Village is even considering working with such detailed housing plans prior to knowing what the residents would like on that property? Are they also reviewing potential plans for a community center, or a senior center, or active recreation such as tennis, handball, basketball, or pickleball courts, or leaving the property as is to continue to give the Village a more rural feel vs an over-developed urban feel?

On the survey, the Village gave residents several choices for housing and the additional choices of “Don’t know” and “other” for the Katz property. 10% of respondents chose “Don’t know” while a whopping 48% chose other. Clearly the majority of residents do not support housing on that property. Perhaps residents are concerned that the Village is squandering some of the last available public space for housing instead of public use.

When asked about potential additional housing in the overall Municipal Gateway area, a super majority of 67.98% of respondents said no to new housing options. It is time for the Village to listen to the residents and rethink the development of the Katz property and additional housing in the entire gateway area.

On a side note, as for the new apartments in Harmon, they are yet to be completed and no new residents have moved in. It should be obvious to all that we cannot possibly determine the impact of zoning changes on Harmon and the greater village until all units are rented and any additional units allowed are built and rented. Walk before you run.

Sincerely, Carolyn Whiting