Wednesday, June 19, 2019


A reader left a comment about ETPA (the Emergency Tenant Protection Act) that was unfortunately, rife with error. The reader is encouraged to do a little more fact-checking with their sources because....Ossining repealed its ETPA in March. This was an ongoing process and there were many articles citing, among other things, the fact that it is home owners who pay the burden of costs associated with ETPA. 

Examiner News--ETPA Repealed in Village of Ossining Amid Allegations--claims of unfairness, class warfare, etc.....among the highlights, County Executive Latimer, in a letter sent to the Village Board on January 25, requested trustees temporarily suspend any action on ETPA since the county is preparing to undertake a study.  “We are engaged in an effort to expand affordable housing options across the many municipalities across the county, as we seek to satisfy the requirements of the fair housing lawsuit,” Latimer wrote....The Ossining Board Repealed ETPA anyway. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE.

As for Latimer's most recent position on affordable housing throughout the county, read the Lohud article here.


To the reader who wishes we had a children's clothing store in the Upper Village, we HAD such a store there just a few short years ago.  As to why we no longer have one, click here.  If, however, you truly believe that such a business would succeed now, you are encouraged to make the financial commitment and open one as soon as possible.  



  1. I hope that person opens soon!

  2. Children's clothing store. I am very curious to know what this reader's price point is for children's clothing. Small-town clothing retailers, unless they're consignment-type shops, usually don't sell affordable, everyday clothing. Within a 15-minute drive, you have Kohl's, Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Macy's, KMart... And, of course, online shopping whenever you want. How could a small-town retailer compete with that? People want good prices and they want their sizes in stock, and they're rarely going to spend more just to keep a local mom-and-pop shop open. It's unfortunate but it's reality.

    1. Yes. And it's also the village's history with women's clothing, toy stores, etc.

    2. Thanks Cozy. We got our daughter's Easter dress $11, shoes $9, socks, hat and bag at Walmart for under thirty-four dollars. No local shop can do that. My son's communion suit, shirt and shoes, came from Kohl's, along with a new dress and a new shirt and tie for my husband for under $110.

      Where are you going to find that in Croton! Be happy for what we have!