Friday, June 7, 2019


Remember Mood Rings? Created in 1975, the rings initially retailed for $45 for a "silvery setting" and $250 for gold--they originally sold in Bonwit Teller and later there were less expensive versions (click on the vintage ad). 

They enjoyed enormous popularity in the 1970's and can occasionally still be found today.

For those who don't know, a mood ring contains a thermochromic element, such as liquid crystal, that changes colors based upon the temperature of the finger of the wearer. 

The rings originally came with a color chart indicating the supposed mood of the wearer based on the changing colors----click on the photo---they're still being made today. Read more here

Your editor was reminded of all this today at Coach Nails and Day Spa when a shelf filled with COLOR CHANGING NAIL POLISH was spotted in the aisle.

AKA MOOD POLISH AKA THERMAL POLISH! (Click on the photo.)  Ask Mr. Lee all about it!

Coach is THE place to go for straight manicures, gel manicures, pedicures, eyebrows, massage, eyelashes, well made costume jewelry and more.  They're always on trend too, and their nail techs are superb.  IN THE CROTON COMMONS SHOPPING CENTER; DIRECTIONS AND MORE HERE 271-2862

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  1. I had one with "matching" earrings, bracelet, necklace and ring. The colors never matched up though but the style was fun. Today's rings when you can find them, have no panache, and are usually a plain band.