Monday, December 10, 2018


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ANOTHER BANNER SUNDAY MORNING IN THE HUDSON VALLEY--bird-watching, light Christmas shopping and on the photos and links.  And let's remember to keep it local whenever we can.

First up, a Macchiato from the Croton Dunkin' Donuts.  That will wake you up in the morning!

Then a visit to the Croton Dam and the ice wall on Route 129--both of which were bathed in the most amazing light and fog.  

Next, we were headed to Turco's in Yorktown for those special Socado Truffles we've been hearing about from our chocolate-loving friends. 

Beautifully packaged, delicious, assorted varieties, they were exactly as promised---and at a great price (ssshhhhhhh! they were on special), they'll make great Christmas gifts for those unexpected guests.

Ditto for those Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookies.  These are amazing, also beautifully packaged, and make great gifts--if you don't eat them first....

Of course, we did our usual birding in Verplank and at Croton Point.

At Croton Point, we spotted what appeared to be a Harrier Hawk above the meadow, as well as two ospreys fighting over the ownership of a fish....which ended up back in the river....

For those who don't know, PROJECT FEEDERWATCH at the Croton Nature Center is also in full swing. A great spot for photos.

And in Verplank, the juvenile Snow Goose was back among the mallards.  (Thanks Rob Armanini of FEED THE BIRDS for the identification info.) 

Apparently they are not a common sighting in these parts.  For more about SNOW GEESE, CLICK HERE.

Oh and did we mention we did our usual run for Italian Sweet Sausage at Croton's A&S

ALL AND ALL, a great day in the Hudson Valley.... 

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