Saturday, December 1, 2018


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The following letter appeared in this week's Gazette. Yes, it more plastic bag alchemy.

To the Editor, 

In last week’s Gazette, Village Trustee Murtaugh wrote about the plastic bag ban. He wrote, “I should note that I have heard loud and clearly the comments of the “bag banners” and have yet to hear from the other side so my current position is...” How odd that Mr. Murtaugh remains in the dark about any opposition to the plastic bag ban. Perhaps Mr. Murtaugh has failed to read my two letters to the Gazette, my letter to Mayor Pugh, or my posts on Croton social media. In today’s day and age, I assume Board members eagerly read local newspapers and social media to best understand the issues and pulse of their community. I find it concerning that he seems to be that out of touch, but apparently speaking at a Village Board meeting, where the Board members refuse to answer questions, is the only communication Trustee Murtaugh considers relevant or worthy of remembering. I would hope and wish that a quiet but thoughtful constituent with well- reasoned points on a controversial issue would be as valued as a petition signing, marching in the streets, and demanding constituent or non-resident. I would also hope for a well-reasoned response with concrete explanations and solutions to issues I have raised but alas, that has yet to happen. 

For Trustee Murtaugh’s edification, I have not attended board meetings or held marches in the streets because the Board members have obviously made up their minds and my attending board meetings and speaking would be a waste of my time. As much of a waste of time and as ineffective as my well-reasoned letters and social media posts appear to be.

I have been approached by numerous residents who have expressed whole-hearted support for my opposition to the plastic bag ban and they have thanked me for my letters to the Gazette. They have also said that they know the Board has made up its mind and speaking out is pointless. 

For the Board to imply or say that they are unaware of how the vast majority of their constituents feel about a bag ban is confusing. Surely, they shop at the same grocery stores that I do and can see very clearly with their own eyes that the over whelming majority of shoppers are not voluntarily using dirty reusable bags. If these shoppers wanted a plastic bag ban, they would voluntarily cease to use such bags and not need the force of the government. It would be helpful and informative for the Board to exhibit some basic curiosity. If the Board is truly interested in hearing from the over 7,000 residents who did not sign the plastic bag ban petition, perhaps the Trustees and Mayor might spend an hour or two standing outside of Shoprite and ask the nine out of ten shoppers who are using plastic bags what their thoughts, feelings, and reasons are. Seeking out and talking with your constituents need not be limited to election season. Miraculously, it works at all times of the year.

Carolyn Whiting



  1. They don't answer questions so there is no point in going to meetings. In fact it's a formal policy now.

  2. If anyone else tried doing that, the cries of unfairness would be deafening.