Wednesday, December 12, 2018


We're perusing those old Christmas ads again and this is one of our favorites: A 1936 Christmas ad for RCA Radios -- complete with train --  when radio ruled.

It's followed by a wonderful French Happy New year postcard we found at the Peekskill flea market.   Pre-World War One. 

And finally a great wind-up 1950's Santa Claus toy always worth a second look--featured in a previous auction at Croton's own “Santa Claus” Bell Ringer, 1950s, TN (Nomura), Japan, 7", w/u w/ “Merry Christmas”, C9; it sold for $445.76 at auction.

Plus a Sneak Peak at Dianne's Annual Christmas Villages.

Click on the photos and enjoy. 

A page full of antique – and other – Christmas finds---artfully presented--because who knows, you may find yourself in Tennessee or Kentucky

You're never too young to make a putz house! 

Proof positive:

1950's ephemera: HOW TO DECORATE YOUR ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE, and much more 

TOM HULL'S OUTSTANDING EARLY PUTZ HOUSE COLLECTION--MOSTLY HACIENDAS--now on display at a local museum; click on the link and keep scrolling away  to see them all

p.s. More of Dianne's vintage Christmas putz house goodness is coming!

AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, more fab vintage stuff is here and here.  

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